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Since then, the internet has grown exponentially and, with it, the volume of information for both new and experienced mandolin payers. Mandolinking retains its enthusiasm for sharing this information and promoting the mandolin, by linking to the best of the resources we can find.


The Mandolin Kings: Ry Cooder

This is a series of pages featuring some of the mandolin players who have inspired me….Ry Cooder was the Stones’ mandolin player.

I love the following quote about Ry, attributed to Carl Sagan. When the USA sent the Voyager spacecraft out into the solar system, with a cargo of recordings of human intelligence, Sagan was asked if they should include some Ry Cooder. He said "no, no, no! We don't want to show off - just put in some Beethoven".

Ry Cooder on wikipedia

Key tracks:

Love in Vain - Rolling Stones on Let it Bleed
Going to Brownsville -
Clean up at home - a Sleepy John Estes song -

Ry Cooder

The second of my mandolin kings is Ry Cooder.

I had not realised that he was one of my inspirations until I recently bought Mandolin Blues: From Memphis to Maxwell Street, an excellent tuition book and CD by Rich Delgrosso. I had always loved the mandolin solo in the Rolling Stones "Love in Vain" from the 1969 Let it Bleed album. What I didn't know was who played it. In the book Rich explains that the Stones, aware of the roots of their material, asked Ry Cooder to play Yank Rachell-style mandolin on their cover of the Robert Johnson song.

Take a listen to the
solo on Love in Vain - it's perfect.