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Scandi Slow Sessions

My next Core Music, Hexham, workshops will run on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month, starting on 27th September.

In the Scandi Sessions we will be mainly using the tunes from Dix Bruce’s book “Uff Da! Let’s Dance!” which looks at the Scandinavian influence on North American folk music.

The format will be to develop a repertoire of tunes that were initially introduced to the States by immigrant musicians. In many ways they are similar to bluegrass, but I find them much more melodic and interesting. I will be teaching the tunes and chords slowly, phrase by phrase, and then we will gradually speed them up as we come to know them. All instruments welcome.

The book,  with the music / tab for the tunes (in both a mandolin and an accordion version), can be ordered in for you by Core Music if you feel you need to refer to the dots, but we will aim to play without the music wherever possible.

Most of the tunes are fairly simple, but very catchy – you don’t need to be a virtuoso on your instrument to join us!

Please get in touch using to let me know you’ll be there. I will post timing and costs on this page once I have the details finalised.


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