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The Hairy Claw of Grafton Moor

A few years ago Ralph Shepherd put an ad on the notice board at Core Music in Hexham for songwriters and musicians to collaborate with him on a grand animated film project which he was dreaming up. I was one of many who answered his call and I ended up writing and recording half a dozen songs for the project.

Last week Ralph was able to publish his website and trailers for the proposed film. An impressive 4 cd soundtrack is on its way and the crowdfunding appeal will also be launched very soon.

Mandolinking would like to wish Ralph the very best of luck with this ongoing project. Here’s the trailer with one of my songs featured. Words are by Ralph, the music and song recording by me and the spoken voice is Angus Gardiner.


Mandolin Blues

I never got beyond first base in trying to play blues on the mandolin, despite  working hard on Rich Delgrosso’s excellent primer “Mandolin Blues – from Memphis to Maxwell Street”.  I guess you’ve either got da blues or you ain’t. I do, however, still like to listen to those who can get some decent blues sounds out of the mando – here’s a tasty example:

The Song Factory Returns


I am planning a series of six workshops at Core Music in Hexham, starting some time in January or February, running fortnightly on Sunday afternoons. The workshops will provide ideas, creative techniques, support and critique to songwriters – beginners or experienced – who want to develop their skills.

I ran a similar workshop series a few years ago and we created some great new songs, so please take advantage of this opportunity to develop your songwriting!

There’s more info on the workshops page.

And here’s the title track from my new CD:

Jenn and Laura-Beth

Looking forward to seeing Jenn Butterworth and Laura-Beth Salter in concert and holding a workshop at the Hearth, Horsley (Northumberland) in December. In the meantime, these talented acoustic musicians from Glasgow have a new CD out. Here’s a preview: